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Nicole, the Story of O (Brutal Underground #1) / Николь, история O (After Hours Cinema) (1972) DVDRip

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Image Nicole, the Story of O (Brutal Underground #1) / Николь, история O (After Hours Cinema) (1972) DVDRip
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Description Год производства: 1972 г.
Страна: США
Жанр: Classic, Feature
Продолжительность: 00:51:58
Язык: Английский
Студия: After Hours Cinema
Описание: Nicole, the Story of O is one of many hardcore adult films that attempts to utilize the erotica found in Pauline Reage's masterpiece of literature, The Story of O, and assemble it into a film version. These films are entertaining to watch and are principally nothing like the eroticism found in the original Story of O. These adult film versions tend to be too cheesy, comic, and too low budget to capture the authenticity of a submissive slave lurking within Pauline Reage's masterpiece, which remains unparalleled in the annals of erotic literature history.
Having said that, Nicole, the Story of O, provides some interesting moments, which bestow the film roughie status. You have a whole multitude of perversion on display, ranging from necrophilia, bondage, abuse, slapping, cum eating, rough fucking, and arm twisting just to name a few. The opening of the film even features an onscreen warning: THIS FILM DEALS WITH CERTAIN SUBJECT MATTER WHICH MAY BE OFFENSIVE TO SOME VIEWERS. HOWEVER…IT WAS NOT DESIGNED FOR THAT PURPOSE. RATHER TO INDULGE IN THE FANTASIES OF A VERY REAL PART OF LIFE. This warning, however, is a tad over the top. Nicole, The Story of O does feature many perversions, but it's filmed in such a way that the perversion on screen isn't shocking. It might have been shocking to see back in 1972 when it was filmed, but nowadays when there are far more graphic roughies and sadomasochist films available, Nicole, The Story of O is simply run of the mill in the shocks department.
Nicole is played porn actress Cindy Hopkins, who also went under the name of Suzanne Fields in a dozen other adult films during the early 1970's such as The Chateau provided on the fourth DVD on this Brutal Underground box set. Nicole is taken prisoner by Ted Reems after his previous sex slave trainee died during a coerced blowjob. Nicole is taken to Richard Samson's mansion to begin her training on becoming a sex slave. Once Nicole is taken to the mansion, she encounters her first sexual experience under the training regime of Ted. After some gentle kissing and tender foreplay, Ted begins to unleash his dark side by twisting Nicole's arm into painful positions as she is forced to give him a blowjob. Ted completely loses all sense of control and releases his salty cum inside Nicole's mouth.
Nicole is shortly introduced to Richard Samson who ensues to have his way with her. Richard fucks Nicole from behind whilst her hands are still tied and explodes his cum all over her buttocks before wiping her clean with a towel. He complains that her anus is too small and that he will have her finished with some sort of training device. Both Richard and Ted share a toast towards the training of Nicole.
Nicole is then escorted into numerous sexual conquests involving heavy bondage and peculiar sexual paraphilia. For six weeks she is under strict control in which the forthcoming cruelty and sexual perversion has a purpose in conditioning her into a sex slave. She is forced into watching a female sex slave blow a male member to orgasm, masturbate another male member to shoot cum all over her naked flesh inside a basket, forced to swallow a cum load, bound in a net above an awaiting erection aching to be pleased, and many other perversions. Nicole narrates us through these scenes with her own thoughts as though she were reading from her very own diary of the events. She describes how she always heard faint footsteps in the distance during her bondage and submission training. During these narrations, we occasionally see a red headed woman slowly walking towards the screen in very slow motion. The mysterious woman is none other than Madame Claudine, the perverse duenna who will be accompanying Nicole throughout her perversions during the many weeks ahead. As her sexual training continues into the depths of intricate sexual escapades, Nicole learns the true meaning of will to submission and the obtainment of orgasm in bondage. Nicole must pass the conditioning and become the prised possession of Richard Samson or else her life will most likely be taken away from her. After all, what good is a disobedient woman to a libertine who has cruel intentions?
Nicole, the Story of O may be a fascinating and jubilant little film that provides some fantastic scenes of erotica and bondage, but the rather terrible picture quality throughout the entire film leaves a lot to be desired. It's not that you cannot see all the sex scenes and perversions on display in lucid detail, but the very poor quality that the film renders some scenes languishing in darkness, such as the scene when Madame Claudine masturbates a male member to ejaculation inside Nicole's mouth. After this scene you are left wondering whether there was actually an ejaculation inside Nicole's mouth despite the orgasmic tremors of the lucky man, but when Nicole rears her head from the shadows you do see fluid around her mouth, but this could easily be saliva. The film has constant glitches and the occasional jump-cut that doesn't really affect the atmosphere of the film. Nicole, the Story of O is simply an adult film that finds itself in a poor state during many years of neglect, although the sound quality is in rather robust condition considering the grainy picture quality that accompanies it.
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