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Cowgirls In Chains (Brutal Underground #1) / Ковбойши в цепях (After Hours Cinema) (1973) DVDRip

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Image Cowgirls In Chains (Brutal Underground #1) / Ковбойши в цепях (After Hours Cinema) (1973) DVDRip
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Description Год производства: 1974 г.
Страна: США
Жанр: Classic, Feature
Продолжительность: 00:57:58
Язык: Английский
Студия: After Hours Cinema
В ролях: Erica Boyer, Aaron Stuart, Michael Morrison, others
Описание: It's not often I admit my bewilderment and astonishment of seeing an adult film that has succeeded in making me wonder what the hell I have seen. Cowgirls in Chains is one of those rare gems of a motion picture that has succeeded. It is a peculiar adult film that is hard to describe in words. The plot is shockingly ambiguous, and the first half of the film is completely and utterly different when compared to the latter half. You do not get many adult films of this nature and some might regard that as fortunate. But nevertheless, Cowgirls in Chains provides some entertainment and copious laughter depending on your sense of humour. Let's go into more detail. (Substantial spoilers)
The first half begins with a male bondage connoisseur called Tim in the company of a sophisticated-looking man called Aeron at what appears to be a Texan rodeo. The bondage connoisseur compliments Aeron on his handsome and charming sophistication during a discussion about the local girls. The bondage connoisseur is on the lookout for some pretty females, and he believes that the rodeo is the best place to look. As the film continues down the path of elongated degeneracy, you will discover that the bondage connoisseur has a valid point.
The bondage connoisseur and Aeron, dressed up in cowboy-like attire, amble up into the forest on the hills above the town to escape the jovial atmosphere of the rodeo. It is high summer and the suns rays bathe the green land with warmth and brightness. Both Aeron and the bondage connoisseur weave through the forest on the lookout for a young girl the bondage connoisseur has a fixation for. They soon catch up with the curvy brunette as she rides through the forest on the back of her pony. She eventually becomes tired and lethargic and ties the pony to a tree. What followed was a shocking surprise, as I was not expecting semi-bestiality footage on what is a brutal underground collection of adult films with debasing textures.
The brunette proceeds to rub her breasts and genitalia all over her little pony while the pony looks on minding its own business, probably thinking of grass to eat. The two cowboys, Aeron and the bondage connoisseur, watch from a distance as the brunette fingers her pussy in the presence of her pony. There is no actually bestiality footage per se, but the footage itself was a genuine surprise for an adult film that one wasn't expecting to contain semi-bestiality footage. The film from this moment on stinks with degeneracy, irrespective of what the second half has to offer.
Both Tim and Aeron strip off beneath the green foliage before gently and confidently striding over to the brunette leaning against her pony. The brunette is not surprised in the slightest at the sight of her visitors, and, in fact, appears rather excited at the prospect of shagging these two cowboys in the wilderness away from the rodeo.
The sex scene that followed wasn't bad and was much better than I expected. I do feel sorry for the pony though, as I'm sure it wasn't expecting having it's back and neck used a fuck bed for various sex positions and blowjobs.
The next scene is the one in which the entire film takes a u-turn and manoeuvres down the avenue of bondage fantasy. We once again meet Tim the bondage connoisseur, this time giving some advice to a man called Jason about the pleasures of bondage. The man whom Tim is giving advice to complains of turning women off when he confesses to them his fantasies of dominating woman in bondage. He describes how all the women he has ever confessed to have ran away. It appears that the man possess an irritating demeanour that intimidates women during the concept of participating in bondage. The bondage connoisseur then introduces Bonnie, a girl-next-door female blonde who will gladly be the female submissive to Jason in his bondage fantasy.
Bonnie then has her hands tied together above her head as Tim provides educational advice on how to create a bondage fantasy. The two gentlemen gently seduce Bonnie as they stroke her breasts and nipples. Tim even gives Bonnie oral sex as Bonnie's legs are separated by rope. Bonnie is left standing with her legs apart and hands tied above her head as things get hot and heavy.
After ten minutes of gentle kissing and stroking of Bonnie's flesh, her breasts are tied and twisted into uncomfortable positions by rope wrapped around her chest. This unnatural position may seem uncomfortable, but Tim explains why bondage should not be just pleasurable to the dominant but also to the submissive. He is correct to a certain extent as we can see Bonnie receiving orgasmic and sensual pleasure at having her nipples being pinched and mangled. They eventually untie the rope from around her breasts and gently kiss the scars dented into her skin.
With her hands still tied above her head, Bonnie is laid down on the floor for Tim to bring himself to an ejaculation by rubbing his penis head against her nipples. Afterwards, James penetrates Bonnie in the missionary position. The sexual thrusting is more measured than physical, but Bonnie still has an orgasm. This scene is a tender one given the bondage on display, but as soon as this scene ends the film comes to a close and I couldn't help but think that the title of the film did not pertain to the sex scenes in the film, as there were no actual cowgirls in chains.
Despite being more of a softcore bondage instructional manual than a roughie, Cowgirls in Chains certainly grants amazement and perversion, especially when putting the first scene of the film into consideration. The picture quality was sharp and crisp when compared to most other films on the box set. The sound was equally complementary and provided an all-round enjoyable film for you on your lonely nights. But that poor, poor pony…
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