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Kinky Perversion (Brutal Underground #1) / Странное извращение (After Hours Cinema) (1970) DVDRip

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Image Kinky Perversion (Brutal Underground #1) / Странное извращение (After Hours Cinema) (1970) DVDRip
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Description Год производства: 1970 г.
Страна: США
Жанр: Classic, Feature
Продолжительность: 00:40:36
Язык: Английский
Студия: After Hours Cinema
Описание: Kinky Perversion is a brief film with a title that pertains more to the degeneracy on screen than perhaps any other film in this box set.
We begin the film with what appears to be a journalist conducting an interview inside a brothel. He interviews a slender black-haired woman clothed in black lingerie with ornate animal fur swathed around her throne. The Madame talks into the camera as though what we are seeing is a sex documentary about perverted and kinky pleasurable goings on inside a brothel. Once the journalist has paid his fee, the Madame escorts us around the brothel on a voyeuristic tour of kinky perversion.
Throughout the entire short film, we are taken to a total of four rooms inside the brothel with each room secreting the perverted fantasies of customer's away social condemnation. (The next four paragraphs contain detailed spoilers)
The first room conceals a butch and masculine man with a moustache being dominated by a dominatrix. The male masochist is found with his hands tied above his head and the dominatrix flagellating and berating him with invectives. The masochist begs to be cut down, but the dominatrix will have nothing of it. Instead she proceeds to use a sharp knife to cut the masochist from his underwear, revealing a bulbous erection begging to be served; but before the dominatrix serves his erection with a blowjob, she coerces the masochist to give her clitoris a nice stimulating licking. The whole scene then escalates into penetrative sex and ejaculations with the masochist obeying the commands spoken by the dominatrix with dutiful attention. A very nice first scene with some funky jazz accompanying our one-handed workout.
The next scene, on the other hand, brings a whole new meaning to kinkiness and perversion. The Madame, after the climax of the first scene, leads us down the hall to another room without any furniture that holds four people - two males and two females. They are all very average looking at best; so do not expect any attractive scenery to aid you and your hardened snake. Rather than participating in an orgy of thrusting hips, shaking limbs and atavistic screaming, the four naked bodies gorge on some KFC chicken nuggets instead. Obviously before some dirty fucking must come essential energy, but the energy provided in this food is not used to be eaten but as sexual stimulation. Who needs a hard dick that is on borrowed erection time when you can stuff yourself with a hard and extra long hotdog, except the hotdog wasn't ordered to be eaten but to…well, you get the idea. I didn't know that hotdogs were so flexible that they could fill the two lower orifices of a female. You learn something knew every day, but I don't believe I'll be visiting KFC any time soon. Any hard-on I had up to this point ran away like Linford Christie shitting lightning bolts. The scene does have the occasional penetration and ostensible screaming orgasm, but no ejaculations. The classical music score was an interesting insertion that actually endowed this scene with impeccable humour. Who would've believed that the tunes of a violin string dances to the same beat as a thrusting hip?
The Madame then makes her third appearance by severing this debauched scene and proceeds to lead us further down the hall to the third room. She directs us through a misty ingress wherewith a threesome is beginning to take place on a double bed. A fair-haired and alabaster, but delicious, nubile woman is lying on her stomach with two males massaging her back. One male is black and the other is a bearded 70's hippy. Foot-licking aficionados will go orgasmic during the next sequence as the bearded man licks between the woman's clean toes whilst the black dude flicks his tongue between her spread-eagled legs. The contrast of skin colours during this erotic oral scene was cock-grabbing stuff, and a tender jazz score accompanies us with our voyeurism. The enthusiastic fair-headed woman then lowers her inhibitions as she is doubly penetrated between the two male members. Her crimson, almost vampire-like, lips quiver in delight as they convey the sensation of having her holes filled to capacity. She rides each stiff member in anticipation of having their cum rubbed all over her back. Shortly after, the white hippy busts a load over her lower spine.
The Madame then escorts us away from this scene and transports us to the last room in which the final paraphilia will take place. The room is a bright tearoom in which two wealthy teenage girls attired in Victorian dresses are having a tea break around a circular table. One of the pig-tailed teens calls for the assistance of Rufus the butler. Rufus stumbles onto the set as the wealthy nubile girl asks him to reveal his cock for the other nubile sweety to suck. Rufus, who has his face concealed behind what appears to be either black face-paint or a black mask, has his rather large cock sucked and licked by the wealthy girl. Both the female nymphs then take turn in being penetrated by his penis, occasionally giving it some blowjob action before the next vibrant teenager gives it a ride inside her immaculately shaved pussy. Something tells me that these two teenagers are made out to look like pre-adolescent girls for pleasure of Rufus' indulging in his debauched fantasies. The two teens then masturbate and suck Rufus to orgasm.
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Аудио: Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz stereo 192kbps [Stream 01]

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