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Invitation To Ruin (Brutal Underground #1) / Путь к краху (Roger Gentry, After Hours Cinema) (1975) DVDRip

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Image Invitation To Ruin (Brutal Underground #1) / Путь к краху (Roger Gentry, After Hours Cinema) (1975) DVDRip
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Description Год производства: 1975 г.
Страна: США
Жанр: Classic, Feature
Продолжительность: 01:18:50
Язык: Английский
Режиссер: Roger Gentry
Студия: After Hours Cinema
В ролях: Martia Mansville, Kathy Williams, Bobbi Ross, Candy Sweete, Roger Gentry, Moe Weise, John Bliss, Jerry Delony
Описание: We kick things off with this orgy of depravity with the exploitation gem, Invitation to Ruin. This box set could not have begun with a better, or more corrupt, film. Invitation to Ruin is so much more than just a hardcore adult film. Exploitation and violence is rampant throughout and even torture is inserted towards the climax. Invitation to Ruin was shot in 1968 as a softcore sexploitation feature during the era when softcore sexploitation was at its peak before the incipient tsunami of hardcore pornography would soon render the softcore genre a vestige of its former glory. Invitation to Ruin was re-released in 1975 under the title 'The Invitation,' promising contemporary viewers of the film graphic hardcore sex inserts in the erotic tradition of the Marquis De Sade. This hardcore version of the film was shown among the trillion other roughies inside adult theatres and shocked audiences with its added scenes of corruption and vice.
Lieutenant Harris is on the hunt for a pick-up artist called Jerry Slone who is suspected to have murdered a bar owner called Ernie Pulaski. An Interpol investigator believes that he has the key in locating the Jerry Slone and bringing him to justice for ruining the lives of many women and the murder of Ernie Pulaski. Lieutenant Harris begins telling the Interpol investigator about what they know of Jerry Slone so far.
During the discussion, we discover that Jerry Slone had moved from Florida to L.A and was seen inside one of Ernie Pulaski's bars with a woman he had just begun having a relationship with. One of Ernie's part-time bodyguards shortly interrupts the proceedings between Slone and his girlfriend and declares in threatening manner that the boss wishes to see Slone immediately.
Ernie Pulaski is a foreboding man whose voice strikes a particular resonance to the characters of the Goodfellas. He sounds like a guy you wouldn't want to fuck with as he means exactly what he says. Ernie offers Slone the chance to work with him after Slone states that he barely survives by hustling dope. Ernie explains how he is in the sex business; alluding that his girls will do anything the customers want them to do. He only explains briefly that he conditions them before becoming sex slaves, and when Slone enquires by what he means, Ernie leaves the answer hanging in suspense and away from vulnerable ears - simply passing that Slone himself will find out eventually. He tells Slone that he will be a talent scout, looking for girls who have the right body and look, getting close to them and ascertaining whether they have any family members who will raise a big fuss if one of their relatives ever happens to disappear. Ernie offers Slone $2500 a week and an extra $1000 for every girl he picks up. The offer is too much to resist. Slone joins Ernie's sadistic network of white sex slavery.
Slone begins to entice women into his grasp almost immediately. He oozes charm with which women seem unable to resist. They continuously fall for him, becoming lured into sexually activity with him by his angelic facade as he invites them back to his apartment. Within days, Slone has them individually eating out of his hands before finally expressing how much in love he is in with them. He then subsequently proceeds to drop a bombshell on them by explaining how he has to leave town for a while. He gives the women a choice on whether they want to leave with him or stay behind. Most of them accept his invitation to leave with him and Slone consequently has an entourage of Ernie's pals dispatched to pick the women up at their home. The women invariably fall for this ruse like proverbial lambs to the slaughter. They would never know of Slone's devious complicity with the slavery ring until the very moment they are kidnapped on doorstep of their own home. That is when the depravity really begins…for them and for us.
Invitation to Ruin becomes incredibly graphic when Slone descends into the dungeons beneath the white slavery ring headquarters. The dungeons possess several women held captive behind closed doors, and we discover that this is where Ernie Pulaski conditions his women into becoming lascivious sex slaves. As Slone peers into the many rooms of Ernie Pulaski's sadistically complex network of dungeons, his eyes are appalled by the many methods of torture devices used on the vulnerable victims. The dungeon is run by Mama Lupo; a heavy-set woman with a vicious mentality that procures heinous pleasures from whipping tied-up women with chains and penetrating their exposed genitals with heated blades. Some of these scenes are genuinely shocking and are accentuated by the fact that the dungeons are dark and malicious. You can practically feel the dirtiness of Mama Lupo's dungeon seeping into your flesh!
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